2017 Constellation Workshops at Penuel Ridge

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2017 Nashville constellation retreat workshop to restore generational balance

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The Greater Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been made separate. —Bert Hellinger, Founder

Join a healing community of open-hearted people committed to being present, receptive, and open to serving each other and the greater good as we experience together the multi-dimensional belonging of the family soul.

You are ready to experience more joy and freedom from barriers in your life

The constellation workshop Who, What Why

We will gather in the beautiful woods of Penuel Ridge Retreat Center to connect with each other and the ancestors to allow the natural health of families and systems to emerge.

    Are you or your children experiencing—

  • personal challenges,
  • dysfunctional familial patterns,
  • and barriers to joy, freedom, health, or prosperity?

Constellation work assists in uncovering and restoring generational balance and order that may be contributing to the problems you or your children are experiencing. The workshops are for adults only but your constellations work can support past, present, and future generations.

Constellation workshops provide an opportunity to experience the truth of our ancestral line. Through a sensitive energetic field, personal and generational healing are interconnected. Hidden orders of love operating in human relationship systems are revealed through movmements of the soul.

Constellation facilitators, fluent in the language and wisdom of the field, support resolutions that encourage wholeness and right order through love and belonging in the family line. Constellations serve all who participate in the release of recurring personal and collective challenges.

    While these workshops are open to all,
    they are especially valuable to people in the

  • healing,
  • counseling
  • and teaching professions.

The systemic family approach can be integrated into many forms of practice, adding new depth as we gain access to the strengths and wisdom of our ancestors.

What’s my investment?

Includes accommodation and most meals $485

Potluck dinner Friday, March 31st, 3 meals on Saturday, breakfast and snacks on Sunday and overnight accommodations at Penuel Ridge Friday and Saturday nights (overnight limited to 10 people).

Attendees may choose to stay offsite.

Register Now

Space is limited. Please join us for a weekend for a nourishing and transformational weekend at the beautiful Penuel Ridge Retreat Center.


Connect with Camille or call/text (505) 470-3838
Connect with LJ or call/text (615) 262-1061

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